How my life experience turned into a profession

leeBy Lee Blume, Bucket List Coach, Orange
As featured in the 2019 Country Web Annual

“Do It now because sometimes ‘Later’ becomes ‘Never’

I hear, ‘this is the last boarding call for flight Sydney to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia’. Wow! At 49 I am boarding this flight to a place I have only seen on television, and I am doing it by myself. How am I feeling? Scared, excited, and completely over the moon to be doing something I didn’t think I would ever do!

This is just one of the many life experiences that have led me down the path to becoming a Bucket List Coach.

A Bucket List is more than just about travel, it is about creating a lifetime of experiences for yourself, your family and your friends – experiences that do and will excite you to get out bed each and every day.

Growing up as an Army ‘brat’ and moving towns and states often, as a child you either had to adapt or be very bored and lonely. So, I made my own fun – exploring camps, the surrounding bush or paddocks, and checking with the local kids for the best swimming spots. All of these experiences sparked a passion in me to look for new experiences where ever I go, up to this very day.

After doing what my husband Mark and I call our ‘20-year business apprenticeship’ in our first two business, we made the decision to sell both businesses and join a world-wide business coaching franchise where I have been the Marketing & Administration Manager for the last 12 years. As we grew this business together, my role sometimes crossed into personal coaching with the female partners in some of our clients businesses and this is an area I really enjoyed. There were lots of laughs and a few tears along the way with these clients, and we would often talk about their personal goals for the short and long-term.

Often I would come across clients whose goals were always in the future: ‘When the kids are grown up’, ‘when I retire’ or ‘when I have more money’. Being part of a coaching business has taught me the value and benefits of having not just the dreams wish list, but the power of a timeline of personal goals for the future.

In 2018 I attended a conference where one of the speakers was Trav Bell – ‘The Bucket List guy’. I was listening to Trav talk about ‘work to live or live to work’ and how he has created a business model for Bucket List coaches. This resonated with me immediately and now, I am one of the first Bucket List coaches in Australia.

Using my knowledge of how to help others document and action a detailed Bucket List Life Plan, I have been able to help people to create a future lifetime of experiences. I also work with others towards accelerating their existing Bucket List journey rather than waiting for ‘someday’ or ‘the perfect time’ and to enjoy as many travels and significant experiences as possible.

A recent and wonderful example is Frances. As we progressed through our coaching, it came out that Frances loved to sing, but had become so caught up in the day-to-day that this passion was put on hold.

Her never ending ‘To Do List’ of running the house, kids and work had resulted in her singing being all but forgotten. So I asked her, ‘Will your family remember the hours of cleaning and running them around, or will they remember going to see/hear you sing?’ I am happy to report that Frances has been for her first audition for a part in musical and has rekindled her passion.

When working with groups, amazing new ideas surface and you go, ‘Oh! I haven’t thought of that one’. So, yes, you should be constantly adding to your Bucket List – it’s perpetual.

If you ever find yourself getting lost in the realities of life, why not pause for a moment, pick up a pen and start uncovering and rediscovering your dreams and turn your passion into something that could help and excite you, and maybe others.

Trav Bell said at the conference, ‘Some people die at 40 and are buried at 80’. So what are you waiting for? Create that Bucket List and start experiencing all of those things you have dreamed of. And do it now, because sometimes ‘later’ becomes ‘never’.

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