The huge gap between country and city kids


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Young people in rural and regional Australia face huge obstacles getting into higher education and jobs, compared to city kids. Only 17% of rural youth go on to higher education, compared to 26% of city students.

They also experience higher rates of unemployment, mental illness and suicide. In order to pursue education and jobs in city areas they often have no choice but to leave their homes, families and communities.

Rural young people also face huge costs—up to $25,000 per year for travel and accommodation when they leave home to study or work. For many, it’s just not an option. This is where the Country Education Foundation (CEF) comes into the picture.

The Country Education Foundation helps disadvantaged rural and regional kids to get a head start in life through education.  Here’s a quick snapshot of how CEF is helping rural and regional students:

  • CEF is a national not-for-profit organisation with a family of 42 volunteer-run foundations in rural NSW, QLD, NT & SA.
  • CEF provides grants and other assistance to disadvantaged young people to help them access post-school education, training and employment.
  • Grants cover education or work-related expenses such as text books, tools and work equipment, petrol, transport, accommodation, computers, internet access etc.
  • CEF has partnerships with 20 universities and colleges which provide matched funding to CEF grant recipients who attend these institutions.

You can find out more about CEF and grants for students at 

Now, for those thousands of young people throughout Australia who are embarking on a new life-changing experience at University or College here’s something to help you along the way…

You will no doubt be facing a whole range of challenges beyond your studies – from finding a place to live and managing your own finances to testing your culinary skills.

CEF’s 2015 Student Survival Guide, available free thanks to the support of Macquarie University, NSW, can help you with many of the new challenges that come with moving out of home for the first time.

Sarah Taylor, CEO of the CEF says, “the Guide is full of advice on everything the CEF and the students we support could think of, including how to manage the stresses of adjusting to a new environment and how to find employment, health and other services.”

CEF Survival Guide Banner

You can access the CEF Student Survival Guide for 2015 online at

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