More than tea and scones

Annette Turner, Gabrielle Le Grand and CWA of NSW President Tanya Cameron in the studio with Weekend Sunrise presenter Andrew O’Keefe signing the CWA Energy Drink petition.

Annette Turner, Gabrielle Le Grand and CWA of NSW President Tanya Cameron in the studio with Weekend Sunrise presenter Andrew O’Keefe signing the CWA Energy Drink petition.

Guest Blog from The Country Women’s Association of New South Wales

This week (14-21 September 2013) we celebrate CWA NSW Awareness week

And, if you think the Country Women’s Association (CWA) is all about tea and scones…then you may be in for a bit of a shock.

Worlds away from the long-held perception of groups of grandmothers sitting around with knitting needles in their hands, scones in the oven and a cup of tea on the crocheted doily, the CWA are out actively and passionately encouraging Diversity, driving policy Change and raising significant contributions to Charity.

You will be surprised to see a vibrant member in her 70’s texting and tweeting faster than her friends can knit one, purl one! Or the 21-year-old university student from the Sydney’s inner western suburbs who joined at the age of 17 and has won prestigious blue ribbons at the Sydney Royal Show for her baking prowess. Then there’s the former member of the Australia Defence Force who has a Masters of Philosophy in Indonesia-Australia Political and Defence relations and can speak Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic and German. Not to mention the Burmese senior lecturer in economics with a passion for caring for the land and human rights who is building schools and creating education paths for kids in her home country – all with the support and commitment from her fellow CWA members.

Not the ‘tea and scones’ image you had of the CWA is it? To showcase the diversity of their membership and their leadership in driving change and charity, the Country Women’s Association (CWA) of NSW is proud to announce that the 2013 CWA Awareness Week will be held from Saturday 14 September – 21 September 2013.

A week of celebration and events around the state of NSW the launch heralds the little known achievements of one of the State’s oldest, and most loved not for profit institutions.

With close to $1 million raised for charities, medical research and educational grants/scholarships in the last year alone, the CWA of NSW is actively involved in lobbying governments, driving change and tirelessly improving the lives of communities across NSW.

Promoting the themes of Diversity, Charity and Change at the launch, newly elected President Tanya Cameron is leading a discussion on the challenges, issues and broad agenda items the CWA is actively pursuing to shape and influence a positive future for communities across NSW.

The diverse NSW membership of the CWA, now topping 10,000, is made up of women from the country and city whose passion, life experiences and commitment to their cause provide inspiration for us all.

As one of the youngest presidents in NSW history, Tanya Cameron, believes that the CWA Awareness Week 2013 represents an opportunity to not only reflect on the CWA fellowship, tea and scones that we all know and love but more importantly focus on the enormity of the work currently being undertaken on issues such as rural mental health, state environmental planning policy, Coal Seam Gas and the impact of energy drinks on youth to name but a few.

About nswrwn

NSW Rural Women’s Network is a government program working in innovative ways to promote leadership and action on rural women’s issues. The RWN team is dedicated to connecting and exchanging information with women and stakeholders in rural, regional and remote communities.
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