Alison Page – What an inspiration!

Artist: Alison Page

‘I believe everyone has a creative bone in their body; it is about finding the right type of expression for it whether it’s gardening, cooking or fine art. I think the human need to tell stories is strong and self-expression is central to a holistic sense of wellbeing. It connects us with our core beliefs and deepens our spiritual growth.’ Alison Page

I just read this fantastic story on Alison Page in the Regional Arts NSW e-newsletter. I was so inspired I thought I would share with you all… What a truly amazing woman!

A business owner and mother, Alison maintains a head-spinning schedule of commitments. She injects her passion and distinctively modern perspective into designing her award-winning jewellery label Diamond Dreaming, directing the annual Aboriginal culture festival Saltwater Freshwater held in her adopted home on the Mid North Coast, her role as the EO of the Saltwater Freshwater Arts Alliance, being a creative director at the Aboriginal Design Agency in Coffs Harbour and participating in an expert advisory panel appointed by Prime Minister Gillard as a part of the Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous People.

When asked what advice she would offer for young people she said, ‘I think that you need to have passion for what you do, which is why I believe in culturally based employment opportunities. If your cultural identity is strengthened every day that you go to work then it becomes more than just a job; it can nourish your spirit.

Read the full story here.

Alison has also been shortlisted as one of only four finalists in the NAB Womens Agenda Rural Entrepreneur Awards. The winner will be announced on 7 March. Best of luck! Other shortlisted finalists are: Eliza Brown, CEO of All Saints Estate and St Leonards Vineyard, Margot Spalding from Jimmy Possum and Jo Scard, Principal at Fifty Acres. More on the four finalists.

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