AgChatOZ aims to bring social media to life

Co-Founder of AgChatOZ, Danica Leys. Join online from 8pm (AEST) every Tuesday on Twitter at #agchatoz @AgChatOZ

AgChatOZ – Australia’s most popular and successful rural social media network will host its inaugural networking event in Canberra this September.

Aptly hosted on a Tuesday evening (Tuesday 18 September), AgChatOZ LIVE, aims to “bring social media to life”. Over the course of the evening delegates will hear from elite agricultural and political experts. They will answer questions in a Question and Answer format over 90 minutes on the topic “rural and urban Australia, enriching connections or growing apart?”

AgChatOZ LIVE will be hosted by ABC political and social media commentator Latika Bourke, a huge coup for the organisation.

AgChatOZ cofounder and NSW Rural Woman of the Year, Danica Leys believes the event will demonstrate how social media can truly bring people together.

“AgChatOZ started as a conversation about the importance of food, fibre and rural issues in Australia.  AgChatOZ is now a network of its own – a place where both city and country come together to learn and communicate about issues affecting the nation”, Mrs. Leys said.
While social media is about online communication, Mrs. Leys is adamant that these conversations extend beyond the “Twitterspehere” and form real and lasting connections for individuals.

“Social media is about engaging online. But what we want to do is create a national event that brings these conversations to life. The event is about extending this online communication to a face-to-face relationship and building upon ideas, beliefs and connections”.

“The event on the 18th September aims to put the spotlight back on agriculture and bring people together in a collaborative and digital way”.

The panel will consist of:

* NSW Farmers President, Fiona Simson
* Queensland cotton and grain farmer, Brendan Taylor
* Australian Year of the Farmer Staff Liaison Manager, Hollie Ballieu
* Greenpeace Sustainable Agriculture Advisor, Richard Widows
* Delta Agribusiness Director, John Pattinson
* West Visa Migration Agent, Trainer and Public Speaker, Michael Jeremy

AgChatOZ was started by Tom Whitty, Danica Leys and Sam Livingstone in 2010. The aim of AgChatOZ is to engage and connect both rural and urban Australian’s via social media about issues affecting the industry. AgChatOZ believes that through conversations and story telling, we can break down barriers and form connections.

AgChatOZ LIVE will be hosted on Tuesday September 18 at Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra, starting at 6.30pm

For more information about how to register for the event –

About nswrwn

NSW Rural Women’s Network is a government program working in innovative ways to promote leadership and action on rural women’s issues. The RWN team is dedicated to connecting and exchanging information with women and stakeholders in rural, regional and remote communities.
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