Women crossing boundaries: Latest issue of The Country Web

The latest issue of The Country Web showcases women from New South Wales who are shining their light in industries and jobs that up until recently have been seen as traditionally male areas. Women featured include: farmers, geologists, painters, mechanics, electricians, engineers, shearers and rangers. Each tell their own story about how they got into the industry, why they love doing what they do and some of the challenges and opportunities they have had. They share their wisdom and provide strategies and tips for women and girls who may be considering a career in related fields.

Here’s a ‘taster’ of some of the stories in this issue:

Lady Trady: An award-winning Painter, Victoria Waring runs her own business and is the first woman to receive a major award at the NSW Master Painters’ Awards for Excellence. Go to Pg 6

I get paid to ‘go bush’: Kathy Jones is one of 20 women featued in ‘Breaking through: Stories of women in non-traditional occupations’ who challenge convention about appropriate careers for women. Go to Pg 11

Are U OK?: You don’t have to be an expert to support someone through a tough time, you just need to listen without judgment and take time to follow up. Try these simple steps to start a conversation. Go to Pg 12

Gret Millan - Men's Health ConsultantMen’s Matters with Greg Millan: This new column will address issues of importance to men and provide information about specific health concerns. First up we take a look at how to become a calmer man. Go to Pg 12

Women farmers putting food on your table: Melanie Kiel is a woman in a man’s world – trading livestock and frequenting sale yards. She is committed to improving the environment and running a sustainable business. Go to Pg 13

Emma Andrews - GeologistAt the coal face: Emma Andrews is a 24-year-old Geologist working in the Coal Advice Section of NSW Trade & Investment. She believes education is the key not only to success but also independence. Go to Pg 14

Fran Rowe - 2012 Woman of the Year2012 Rural Woman of the Year: RWN is delighted to pay tribute to a wonderful rural ambassador, Fran Rowe, who was earlier this year named the 2013 NSW Rural Woman of the Year. Go to Pg 18

NSW Rural Women’s Gathering: Don’t miss this special 4-page pullout on the NSW Rural Women’s Gathering to be held at Parkes from 12-14 October. Guest speakers include TV personality Jessica Rowe. Go to Pg 19

Jasmine Nixon - 2012 The Land ShowgirlMeeting the challenges: Jasmine Nixon is an ag science graduate and meat safety inspector. She is also the 2012 The Land Showgirl and hopes to encourage more women to take up careers in agriculture. Go to Pg 34

What’s next?
The theme for the Number 58 edition is ‘Views from your verandah’. We want to know who our readers are by gathering ‘snapshots’. Just tell us a little about yourself, where you life, what you love and what you do … with a picture or two.

About nswrwn

NSW Rural Women’s Network is a government program working in innovative ways to promote leadership and action on rural women’s issues. The RWN team is dedicated to connecting and exchanging information with women and stakeholders in rural, regional and remote communities.
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