Two dynamic rural business women Sam Hain & Ellie Brown elected to leadership roles

I know both these inspirational Orange business women so wanted to share their success with you…


Samantha Hain

Samantha Hain

Ellie Brown

Both women travel regularly to Sydney to represent the region on the Council at the NSW Business Chamber and look forward bringing regional issues to the table to make a difference for businesses of all shapes and sizes in the Central West.

Samantha Hain, CEO of professional services firm, Regional Integrated Marketing, was elected President of the Advisory Council for the Central West OranaRegion of the NSW Business Chamber – the newest region to be allocated representation within the NSW Business Chamber and its State Council.

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 “I’m looking forward to being a strong advocate for our local business communities and ensuring that our region has a powerful and respected voice at any negotiating table – whether that is with government or the NSW Business Chamber, as our peak body.” Ms Hain said.

“Many in our region don’t realise the size of the NSW Business Chamber – it has over 8,000 members and represents more than 2,000 NSW businesses through affiliation with local chambers and assists with day-to-day issues such as HR, industrial relations and OHS as well as advocating to all levels of government.”

“What’s exciting for us in the Central West is that members can access this advice and the vast business resources of the NSW Business Chamber through becoming a member of their local business chamber.”

Ellie Brown, CEO of several Orange-based enterprises is the first Central West based business person appointed to the NSW Business Chamber board. Her appointment is testament to her achievements over the last 17 years in the local community and the NSW Business Chamber as a representative for businesses in the Central West region.

“Local communities are only as strong as their local businesses. I intend to be a voice for regional communities on the board of the NSW Business Chamber and help ensure that our regional members get the support they need to succeed, grow and create new jobs for local people.” Ms Brown said.

NSW Business Chamber is the largest and fastest growing business organisation. It has offices located throughout NSW and provides services to businesses in NSW, ACT and now through a partnership with, the sunshine state as well. That’s great news for any business that operates across state borders that they can get seamless support.”

 “It’s also a very well-financed organisation with significant discretionary funds to run campaigns on behalf of the business community of NSW. The Chamber’s 10 Big Ideas to Grow NSW campaign and the NSW Deserves Better Bus Tour are examples of what it is able to achieve.”

About nswrwn

NSW Rural Women’s Network is a government program working in innovative ways to promote leadership and action on rural women’s issues. The RWN team is dedicated to connecting and exchanging information with women and stakeholders in rural, regional and remote communities.
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